Report: After Odi World Cup 2023, Head Coach Rahul Dravid Might Not Renew Contract, Split Coaching Considered IG News

ODI World Cup 2023 is to start from October 5. The Indian team will look to end the 10-year ICC trophy drought. The 15-member team under the leadership of Rohit Sharma has also been announced. This time, with the pair of Rohit and coach Rahul Dravid, India will have the responsibility of winning the World Cup for the first time after 2011. However, a big news is coming before the World Cup. According to media reports, Dravid may resign from his post after the World Cup. His two-year contract is ending after the World Cup. In such a situation, he can step down from this post.

Consideration is being made to hire different coaches

According to media reports, BCCI has demanded from Dravid to make India the champion and end the ICC trophy drought and even reaching the semi-finals will not be considered a success for Team India. If Team India does not win the title, then after the World Cup the board can once again search for a head coach. It will be interesting to see whether Dravid considers renewing the contract or not. Not only this, the idea of ​​having two different coaches after two different captains is also being considered. In such a situation, Dravid can also be continued in the role of coach in one format.

Rahul Dravid can remain the coach of Test team

Immediately after the World Cup, India has to play Test series against South Africa (Away) and England (Home). In such a situation, Dravid can be continued as the coach of red ball cricket. In the next World Cup cycle too, the BCCI may consider having separate coaches for Team India for red ball and white ball cricket. This will be exactly what is happening in English cricket at present. England’s coach in Test is Brendon McCullum, while in white ball cricket, Matthew Mott is handling the responsibility of England’s coach.

Responsibility of ODI-T20 to a different coach

By relieving Dravid of heavy workload, he can be shifted towards Test, while the responsibility of ODI-T20 can be given to a coach who is also knowledgeable about T20. Talks can also be held with Ashish Nehra, who is coaching Gujarat Titans in IPL. Under the supervision of Nehra, the Gujarat team became the winner in the 2022 IPL, while in 2023 the team reached the final. However, when Nehra was asked about the role of Team India’s coach, he flatly denied it. He had said that he had no desire at all. Nehar’s contract with Gujarat ends in 2025.

Currently the team management’s focus is on the World Cup

A BCCI official told news agency PTI on the condition of anonymity – Suppose India wins the World Cup, then Dravid himself would not want to renew the contract, as he would like to end his tenure on a high note. But if you ask me, after the World Cup, BCCI should seriously think about having different coaches for different formats. He should ask Rahul to remain the red ball coach. At this point of time, be it Dravid or the top brass of the board, they would like to focus on the World Cup starting October 5.