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Rating 4/5

Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated multi-time Larry Dean returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

And you should add it to your must-see list this month.

After seeing Larry almost three years ago, I was eager to see the budding comedian’s game change.

Carrying past familiar material exposing his castrated face to the striking revelation that he is indeed gay, Larry quickly let any unfamiliar audience members know who he was before jumping into the nitty gritty.

Larry Dean carries through his show with a vibrant energy. (c) Matt Crockett.

Though it has a surprisingly heartfelt 55-minute set, highlighting the notion around callbacks, inventive use of unconventional call-forwards and jokes to the delight of the fringe crowd.

Larry cares through his deeply personal stories with the vivacious energy he shares with his favorite actor, Tom Hanks, only to end up with less Toy Story and almost being arrested in Abu Dhabi.

Terrain, sexuality, grief, trauma, and corner Blair Witch genre themes are blended to great effect by Larry.

Leaving the set weary with laughter, heartbroken by his message, but still screaming for more, Larry Dean makes this fringe look a must-see.

You can catch Larry at the Monkey Barrel comedy from August 11 to 15, again 17-28 at 8:30 p.m.

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