Rishi Sunak issued a strict warning of inflation IG News

London: The governing Conservative Party may say goodbye to winning Britain’s next general election around 2024, unless rising inflation is rapidly brought under control, with Rishi Sunak becoming Tory leader and British Prime Minister in the lead election Be warned on the campaign trail to win. ,

The former British Indian chancellor reiterated his previous alert on leadership rival Liz Truss’s policy pledge for nearly 30 billion GBP of immediate tax cuts as inflation loomed large, which risked aggravating the ongoing economic crisis. Sunak has built his policy around tax cuts once inflation is brought under control.

I am particularly concerned about policies that run the risk of getting worse and prolonged, 42-year-old Rishi Sunak said during a campaign event in Eastbourne on the south-east coast of England on Friday evening.

Because that’s a problem that’s not just for this winter. This is also a problem for next winter and beyond, as the Bank of England has said they are concerned about the underlying inflation. Then there is no hope that we are going to win the next election. Of course not… and if we don’t get hold of this thing and don’t catch on quickly, we can kiss goodbye to win the next election. So, the first thing to do to put yourself in a winning position is to get through inflation and get over it quickly and not make things worse, he said.

Earlier this week, the Bank of England warned that inflation could exceed 13 percent, currently 9.4 percent and remain at “very high” levels for much of the next year, eventually hitting its 2 percent target in 2024. before returning.

The truss, which promised to reverse some of the tax hikes imposed at Sunak’s time as chancellor, challenged the Bank of England’s gloomy forecast. Her own speech at Hastings was briefly interrupted by protesters as environmental protesters joined the event in an action by the Green New Deal Rising group, asking the audience one-by-one to say out loud to the wannabe prime minister: Liz Truss Got up you should be ashamed of yourself. Live streaming on the Conservative Party’s website was temporarily suspended after the protesters were removed from the hall.

Members of the Tory party carrying both candidate cards are on an intense campaign up and down the UK to win votes, which will be done by postal ballot or online by 2 September. The results will be announced on 5 September, when the new Conservative Party leader immediately takes office at 10 Downing Street.