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Umarkhed, In Umarkhed city, works are being done through Public Works Department Pusad and Public Works Sub-Division Umarkhed under grant scheme to provide specific citizen service and facilities, but the contractor who has been entrusted with the work has started working arbitrarily. The Public Works Subdivision is not paying any attention to the work. The construction work department is seen in Kumbhakarni sleep. Mohitwar has raised the demand to investigate the shoddy work being done in the city.

Preparation of CC road from Vinod Parate to Sanjay Ingole’s house of Sant Chokhamela Ward in Umarkhed Municipal Council area and work of CC road from Purushottam Kale’s house to Ukanda Lambtile’s house by Executive Engineer Public Works Department Pusad from 11 November 2022-23. The Directorate of Operations Information and Public Relations had applied to the Government of Maharashtra to publish the e-tender notice.

In the tender work under the application, it is mentioned about the preparation of CC road from Vinod Parate to Sanjay Ingole’s house and CC road from Purushottam Kale’s residence to Ukanda Lambtele’s residence. The name of the work was also mentioned on the plaque put up after the work done at the said place. Despite this, the concerned contractor did not work properly at this place.

Demand to take action from the District Magistrate

Along with flouting the rules of the government, they have acted arbitrarily by doing corruption in the work by pouring mud on both the roads. The city chief of Prahar Janshakti Dal, Rahul Mohitwar has demanded to the District Magistrate that strict action should be taken against the concerned guilty contractor and the concerned officer and both should be blacklisted after checking the related work through the quality control department.

no irregularities

Under the approval, the work of the road has started, there is no irregularity in that work.

Dhole (Junior Engineer- Umarkhed)


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