rohit pawar slam mohit kamboj over statement on vaibhav kadam case death case and said police will investigate matter IG News

Baramati : Focusing on when a leader’s former bodyguard commits suicide and trying to ignore the suicides of farmers and youth will not do. NCP MLA Rohit Pawar has warned BJP leader Mohit Kamboj that the police will decide whether it is murder or suicide. Mohit Kamboj had questioned Jitendra Awad’s former bodyguard Vaibhav Kadam’s suicide. Rohit Pawar had come to Baramati for an event, after which he interacted with the Madhya Pradesh. He drew attention to many questions at this time.

At this time, Pawar said that the reason people go to the ministry is because they go to the ministry when the lower level is not working. It is a matter of concern to commit suicide after going to the ministry and realizing that it is not working. It is a matter of concern that the rate of suicide has increased in Maharashtra. If the government is not doing anything, people are watching with open eyes. A person decides to commit suicide only when there are no things in hand. Government can be an option but if the government is involved in politics then who will look at the common people? If this rate continues to increase like this, it will not suit Maharashtra either. He said no.

Girish Bapat was a great leader. He did a good job when he was a minister. We do not have a great leader. New MLAs like us try to learn from these leaders. Rohit Pawar expressed the feeling that the next generation has suffered a great loss.

Suicide should not be politicized: Rohit Pawar

It is not right if the investigation of incidents like suicide goes to CBI only for political reasons. The family should get justice. But while doing this, politics should not be done. Keeping the Bihar elections in front of its eyes, the BJP defamed the Maharashtra police. Rohit Pawar said that they thought that Bihar elections would be easier by putting forward the name of Sushant Singh Rajput, but it did not happen.

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It is understood that Rahul Gandhi will take out the yatra because he insulted Savarkar. They have the right to travel. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Savitribai Phule, Mahatma Phule were spoken at low level. Why didn’t the trip take place at that time? What did not protest then? You have to do all the things for political purposes. Rohit Pawar hit back at BJP and Shinde’s Shiv Sena saying that you don’t know culture, it will never be preserved by you.

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Tanaji Sawant makes a statement that we have to decide how seriously we want to take it. It has been shown how much their studies are. He said that 150 meetings were held. I cannot say whether they have capacity or not. When the party was splitting, Fadnavis was saying, I don’t know anything about it, when the session was held, the Chief Minister said there is only one person behind all this, that is Devendra Fadnavis and now Tanaji Sawant is saying that he took 150. Now how will people know who is the real one? Rohit Pawar said that in the last eight or nine months we have seen many dramatic incidents and people’s interests have been left aside.

A movie like political Hera Pheri is currently running in the state. All these are political actors. Rohit Pawar said that he is making this film for his own selfishness and fame.

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