Roja said how many seats TDP will get in the upcoming elections IG News


Election rush has started in AP. As the news of early elections is coming, all the leaders are already immersed in the campaign. Vice Sarcp is confident that it will achieve 175 to 175 in the upcoming elections. On the other hand Janasena party calls to give one chance. Also, TDP will once again spread the word that no one will be able to fix the state if they give a chance to Vice-RCP. In this order, Minister Roja predicted how many seats TDP will get in the upcoming elections.

He said that the fort built by Chandrababu with benami in the name of Amaravati is crumbling. Chief Minister Jagan will take decisions according to the needs of the people. He complained that his decisions are not his own. They want to do what they did when they lost in two places in 2019. Kharmara Babu said that this is what people want after seeing both Chandrababu and Pawan. He predicted that TDP will get zero seats in the next election.


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