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ROs invite candidates to count postal ballots IG News


Returnees invited candidates to count postal ballots.

According to the Electoral Act, the RO in each constituency is responsible for inviting candidates to count postal ballots. Determines the time and date of the procedure and informs the candidates in writing. These postal ballots are added to the votes received by the candidate.

According to the law, envelopes with postal ballots are opened in the presence of the candidates or their representatives in the electoral unit.

The ROs are responsible for notifying and submitting the results through Form-48 to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Postal ballots are important when the margin of victory is small.

Meanwhile, the ECP said a total of 449,287 postal ballots were received from across the country, including 206,533 for the National Assembly and 242,754 for the Provincial Assemblies.

It revealed that 74,274 requests were received for Punjab Assembly, 26,649 for Sindh, 81,282 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 60,550 for Balochistan.

According to ECP sources, the respective ROs sent ballot papers to candidates for postal voting. Voters who vote by mail also include those who are incarcerated.

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