Rs 20 crore 36 lakh 34 thousand 988 in 134 accounts in 5 years. Payment of Rs. 2,000/- will be made in the accounts of wife and two other relatives… | Rs 20 crore 36 lakh 34 thousand 988 in 134 accounts in 5 years. Payment of Rs. 2,000/- will be made in the accounts of wife and two other relatives… IG News

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  • Rs 20 Crore 36 Lakh 34 Thousand 988 In 134 Accounts In 5 Years. Payment Of Rs. 2,000 Will Be Made In The Accounts Of Wife And Two Other Relatives…

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The investigation into the fraudulent payment made into suspicious accounts from the Katthiwada BEO office is buried. Meanwhile, when Bhaskar investigated, it was found that government funds were defrauded by fraudulently depositing an amount of Rs 20 crore 36 lakh 34 thousand 988 in 134 accounts in the last five years. The amount was paid through DDO code 4902506054 of Kamal Rathore, Accounts Assistant of BEO Katthiwada. Out of 134, there are 35 accounts whose surname is Rathore. Kamal Rathore got lakhs of rupees paid to his wife, father and relatives in five years. No one was aware of these payments for five years. The investigation team came and went twice to investigate these accounts but no action has been taken in the matter yet.

From the year 2018-19 to the year 2022-23, Kamal Rathore committed fraud in the amount of various items including grant, AVC bill, refund, pay bill, scholarship. Apart from his relatives, he kept paying the amount into the accounts of about 134 people. An amount of lakhs of rupees has been paid into each account. Apart from myself, separate payments were being made to more than one account of relatives also. These also include the accounts of Kamal Rathore’s wife and father. In the list that Bhaskar has, Kamal’s wife Pragya Rathore’s name is mentioned twice. In five years, through various bills, Rs 53 lakh 81 thousand 855 was paid into one account of Pragya and Rs 21 lakh 91 thousand 88 was paid into another account. Whereas lakhs were also paid into three different accounts in the name of Kamal Rathore himself. In one of his accounts, Rs 51 lakh 39 thousand 456, in another account Rs 51 lakh 66 thousand 529, in the third account Rs 28 lakh 67 thousand 706 were paid in five years. Apart from this, lakhs were also paid into father’s accounts.

After checking the treasury records available in IFMIS by the Directorate of Treasury and Accounts, Madhya Pradesh Bhopal, the accounts were paid through the DDO code 4902506054 of the Accounts Assistant Kamal Rathore from the Withdrawal and Disbursement Officer BEO Katthiwada related to Alirajpur Treasury. More than one different name of employee, vendor, beneficiary was found written in this account. The payments made in these accounts came under the category of suspicious and fraudulent. Due to this, investigation of all payments for the financial year and last five years 2018-19 to 2023-24 was started. The team came and went twice, but no action has been taken yet. 134 accounts are being investigated in the case, out of which 35 accounts are those whose surname is Rathore. Apart from this, the names of about 35 account holders are not in the list, although the amount has been deposited in their accounts. Lakhs have been paid into these accounts also in the last five years.

The question is also being raised that how a primary teacher was carrying out the work of an accountant for such a long time, he misused his authority and made payment of lakhs of rupees in the accounts of many people besides himself, his wife, father and relatives in five years. How did the amount continue to be paid through bills and bills of government employees from District Treasury Office Alirajpur? In no time a scam of more than Rs 20 crore was committed. According to the Katthiwada BEO office government records, primary teacher Kamal Rathore had been working as an assistant accountant since 29/06/2016 despite being a teacher in the Katthiwada BEO office. When investigation came into the matter, he was removed and the responsibility was given to Anjum Khan.