Rs 20 hike in petroleum products disappointing: SK Niazi IG News

Nadeem Shah, it is true that the development of Balochistan is the development of Pakistan

The hike in the prices of petroleum products is part of the IMF agreement: Malik Bustan

Islamabad: The Editor-in-Chief and Chairman of Pakistan Newspaper Group Rosenews SK Niazi, while speaking in his famous program Sachhi Baat, said that the hike of Rs 20 in petroleum products is disappointing. At present the army chief is rendering excellent services to the country. Army chief’s thinking is the best in agriculture, minerals and economics, even Allah does not help those who do not think about helping themselves, we have got a commander who can help our country a lot, view of current army chief It is different from all previous armies thanks to army chief SK Niazi for the support we are getting from all over the world and the matter of concern is that the situation in the country is getting worse day by day so if there is no stability in the country If the army chief and the forces will not be able to do their work, if there is no peace in the country due to political manipulation, tough decisions will have to be taken, SK Niazi

Interview of Bureau Chief Daily News Quetta Nadeem Shah in Sachhi Baat program
The development of Balochistan has always been discussed on Rose News, Nadeem Shah
It is true that the development of Balochistan is the development of Pakistan, a small area of ​​Nadeem Shah Balochistan is called recorder Rich in minerals.

Forex Exchange Chairman Malik Bustan talks in Sachhi Baat
It is very welcome to have new agreements regarding CPEC Phase 2 and
Investment is very important to get rid of debt. Making a vast area cultivable is a very important and big project. Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with vast mineral wealth. There is a huge demand for Pakistan’s rice all over the world, there is a need to work on it. The hike in the prices of petroleum products is part of the IMF agreement
If we have to take the installment again after three months, we have to follow the agreement and the present government has set a good precedent by breaking the IMF deadlock. The caretaker government will not have much difficulty in taking tough decisions.
Pakistan’s fortunes can change if investment starts in mineral deposits. If the rupee is strong then Pakistan will automatically become strong. All political parties come on one page to continue Malik Bustan projects
The current government should go through the Charter of Economy, Malik Bustan
If economic decisions are not consistent then investors will not be attracted Malik Bustan
If existing economic projects continue, Pakistan will not need to take loans, Malik Bustan
Pakistan is our enemy, we are in dire need of unity, Bustan country
The hopes of the armies of the whole country are from Pakistan, Malik Bustan
The enemy wants the country of Pakistan, the country of Bustan to be destroyed by breaking it.