RTMNU Senate Elections | University graduate election date changed, now voting will be held on December 11 IG News

Nagpur, The first phase of senate election in RTM Nagpur University has been completed but the date of second phase election has been changed. In this regard, the university issued a notification on Monday. Now instead of November 30, voting will be held for the graduate class election on December 11, while the counting of votes will be done a day later i.e. on December 13. On the one hand, the candidates have got time for campaigning due to the extension of the date, on the other hand, there is resentment for not extending the time for the voters who have missed filling the B form.

In the notification issued by the university, it has been said that since November 30 is a Wednesday, many voters will be busy in their office and business. Because of this voting will be affected. On the other hand, due to the counting of votes on Tuesday, the employees and officers will also be busy. Several student organizations and former senate members had also demanded to extend the date.

Anyway, according to the revised academic calendar of the university, winter session holidays have been declared from 24 November to 7 December. At the same time, Mumbai University and Aurangabad University have also changed the dates. It has been clarified in the notification that no remaining changes will be made in the notification issued on 20 October. This clearly means that no seriousness has been shown on the demand made by various organizations to extend the time for filling B form.

Ignoring the demands of organizations

Now for the election of the graduate class, voting will be held on December 11 from 8 am to 4 pm. On the other hand, on December 13, the counting of votes will be done in the auditorium of the administrative building of the university. Organizations say that in the meantime, a program should be announced by the university for the voters who have been deprived of registration. So that everyone can get the right to vote in the graduate elections. Many voters could not be registered due to only 5 days time to fill B form.


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