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Kiev: Three people were killed and three others injured when a two-story building collapsed in a Russian attack in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Wednesday. The Kiev administration gave this information. At the same time, following the Russian attack, air raid sirens were sounded across Ukraine today, including in Kiev. Several explosions were also heard in Kiev shortly after the siren sounded, giving the impression that several bombs had detonated in the city.

Russia targeted infrastructure in and around Kiev in attacks today. In the attack, 3 people were killed in Kiev while many others were injured. In the city of Yuzhnoukransk, Mykolaiv had to shut down the nuclear power plant, plunging the entire city into darkness. On the other hand, in the news from Kharkiv, Russia has targeted metro and electric buses there. Lviv, Vinnytsia, Kirovohrad and nearby cities had to stop power supply.

“One of the capital’s infrastructures has been attacked,” Mayor Vitaly Klyushko wrote on Telegram. He told people to “stay in the bunker”. Air raid sirens continue to sound.” The mayor gave no details. According to the Associated Press, Russia has again stepped up attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Air raid sirens continued to ring throughout the capital today.

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According to news received there, Russia is targeting Ukraine’s infrastructure. Authorities reported power cuts in Kiev and parts of neighboring Moldova region following the renewed attacks on Wednesday. It is being said that reports of attacks are coming from many areas. There are reports of attacks on critical infrastructure in many areas. Russia is attacking power grids and other centers with missiles and drones.

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