“Saheb will go to Nai to apologize to him”; Fire Ajjini said ‘will not bow’ – Marathi News | 92 years old chandrabhaga shinde said cm uddhav thackeray will not apologize after eknath shinde revolt

Mumbai: On the third day after the mutiny of Eknath Shinde, a minister in the Mahavikas Alliance’s Thackeray government and a senior Shiv Sena leader, political movements seem to have gained momentum. After making Facebook live, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray left Varsha Bangla and reached Matoshri. It is said that 92-year-old Chandrabhaga, who is now a staunch Shiv Sainik, came to visit Uddhav Thackeray. At this time, Chandrabhaga Ajji reassured Uddhav Thackeray and took good news of this action of the rebels.

It has been learned that 92-year-old Shiv Sena firebrand grandmother Chandrabhaga Shinde, who came into the limelight after the agitation against Navneet Rana, visited Matoshri and met Uddhav Thackeray. Grandma was in Matoshri for about an hour. Did Aji meet the Chief Minister himself or someone else? This is not yet understood. But it is said that Aji was in Matoshri for an hour. On the one hand, while the Chief Minister has refused to meet Parbhani MPs and other office bearers, Aji has got entry. Speaking to the media on this occasion, Chandrabhaga Ajji expressed his thoughts.

Saheb will go to Nai to apologize to him

Saheb said, don’t worry. We all Shiv Sainiks are with you. The rickshaw puller was made MLA and made big. After Uddhavsaheb came to Matoshri, he came to inquire about his health. Talked to Saheb. Don’t you worry Matoshri came to tell me to take care of your health. There is nothing left, said Chandrabhaga Ajji. Asked what he would say about bringing back the MLAs who had gone to Guwahati, he will return here to apologize. Saheb will go to Nai to apologize to him. When Saheb came to Matoshri at night, I literally started crying, such feelings were expressed by Chandrabhaga Ajji. Also, no matter what happens, Uddhav Saheb will not resign, he will remain the same. If they are staunch Shiv Sainiks, they will come back. Otherwise, assume that the departed are not fanatics, said Chandrabhaga Ajji.

Meanwhile, the 92-year-old grandmother’s name is Chandrabhaga Ganpat Shinde. They are residents of Shivdi in Mumbai. Shivdi still trades vegetables in Naka. He works in the department as a police envoy and also helps the police in social work. Grandmother has two children and two grandchildren. Grandmother was asked, “Since when are you a Shiv Sainik?” Grandmother’s relationship with Shiv Sena was also special and equally cordial. Chandrabhaga Ajji is one of the bitter Shiv Sainiks of Balasaheb.

Web Title: 92 years old chandrabhaga shinde said cm uddhav thackeray will not apologize after eknath shinde revolt

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