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Srinivas Ponnam, Karimnagar, News18

For the past few days, birds, animals and people have been celebrating the glory of Summer. In the Deer Park on the outskirts of Karim Nagar, wild animals are dying due to the heat. In the park, along with hundreds of birds, special sheds have been built for the animals and deer and special food is provided along with vegetables.

In the shed where they live, sacks are arranged around the sand and sprinkled with water three times a day to relieve the cold. By doing this, not only will they withstand the heat of the sun, they will not get sick, said Deputy DW Officer Anand.

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When it comes to their diet, they are given fruits and vegetables as per the doctor’s advice and instructions. He said that till now not a single wild animal has faced any danger during this dry season.

The weather department has warned that the temperature will be 48 degrees in the state of Telangana, and people are not coming out of their houses because of the heat. In many places, the wildlife is already facing many difficulties without proper facilities.

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