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Sanadhya Samaj Bhopal Mass Wedding 14. | Sanadhya Samaj Bhopal mass wedding ceremony on 14th: Newlyweds to receive sewing machine along with household items – Bhopal News IG News


Devendra Rawat, Bhopal4 minutes ago

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Mahanagar Sanadhya Samaj organizes mass marriage conference on Basant Panchami (February 14). Regarding the preparations, a meeting was held at the restaurant on Sunday under the chairmanship of the organization’s president, Kailash Mishra. In which it was said that 11 young men and women will be married at the conference, and sewing machines will be given to them along with household items so that they can become self-reliant.

The general secretary of the organization Mahesh Dubey said that the conference will be held at Parmar Bhawan.

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