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of the cheeks; Sivananda Kshirsagar: The political activities for Dighan Gram Panchayat elections have gained momentum and the atmosphere has heated up. There is a possibility of a tight three-way fight between NCP, BJP and Shiv Sena (Shinde group). Meanwhile, sarpanch post reservation for women is general. This has increased the square.

Last time Shiv Sena (Shinde group) MLA Anil Babar and District Bank Director Tanajirao Patil were in power. So Sarpanch Amol More had captured power along with BJP and NCP. Sarpanch More through MLA Babar and District Bank Director Tanajirao Patil has done various development works in the area of ​​Dighachi. This time his wife Mrs. They are going to field Madhuri Amol More for the post of Sarpanch.

BJP’s major political group is in trouble. Also, the reputation of veteran political leaders like former MLA Rajendra Deshmukh, MLA Gopichand Padalkar, former president of Zilla Parishad Amar Singh Deshmukh is at stake. These leaders have paid close attention to the Gram Panchayat elections.

Last time BJP elected 5 gram panchayat members. Youth leader Amol Katkar, who was a candidate for the post of sarpanch last time, had to accept a narrow defeat. But this time he has made strong political fielding to get power. But this time, without giving a chance to the women of the open category, Ms. from other backward categories. The candidature of Vaishali Prashant Shinde (Bhalvankar) has been decided and an experiment has been made by giving opportunities to women from the minority gardener community. Everyone is paying attention to how popular this experiment will be and whether the entire minority class will accept the change.

Taluka president of NCP Hanmantrao Deshmukh has a separate group. Deshmukh’s father Kai. Dhondisaheb Deshmukh ruled the Gram Panchayat for many years. After that, Hanmantrao Deshmukh also single-handedly maintained power over the Gram Panchayat for many years, except for last year’s election. But in 2017, he had to accept a narrow defeat. After correcting the errors, it is back in full swing. Since they have a unilateral leadership and no internal factionalism, it is easy for them to take local political decisions. Hanmantrao Deshmukh and his wife Mrs. Jaimala will field Hanmantrao Deshmukh for the post of Sarpanch. Mrs. Jaymala Deshmukh was elected from Dighanchi Panchayat Samiti in 2007 and was also the Chairperson of Atpadi Panchayat Samiti. So she is not new to politics. Moreover, he has a political background. He has reached out to women by taking various activities for women.

Movements are underway to form a fourth alliance with NCP, Shiv Sena (Shinde group) and BJP. Congress leader Adv. Vilasrao Deshmukh has started the movement. His wife Mrs. There are moves to field Hemlata Vilasrao Deshmukh from the fourth front as a candidate for the post of sarpanch.

The Gram Panchayat of Digha is considered politically prestigious in the taluka. Therefore, the attention of the taluka is on who will win in this election. Although all the parties have said that they will contest the election on the issue of Dighanchi development, there is a demand that all the parties should come together and form a Gram Panchayat without opposition and strive for the development of Dighanchi.

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