Sarpanches in Sirisilla district are preparing to resign for not paying pending bills IG News

Sarpanches in Sirisilla district are preparing to resign for not paying pending bills

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Government officials are campaigning that Telangana is a prosperous state and a state that is advancing faster than any other state in terms of development. The situation in the villages is completely different. It is somewhat surprising that this reaction was seen from the own department of the state IT minister, TRS Working President KTR. The Sarpanches of Rajna Sircilla district hear the voice of contempt. The sarpanches are incensed that at least the bills they have spent will not be sanctioned if they do what the ministers and local MLAs have said in the past and the debts get stuck in a hurry. That is why they are saying that they are no longer in a position to do everything that the government officials have told them to do.

Ready for resignations too ..
Some village sarpanches in Illantakunta zone met at the local MPDO office. They could not let go of their dissatisfaction and impatience at a time when the government wanted to once again carry out the rural progress program ambitiously. Lehmann said he was interested in participating in the upcoming rural development program. All the employees working under the authorities have changed and they have worked as Sapailla in the panchayats. However, he said that the government was facing serious problems due to non-approval of pending bills. The gram panchayat also said that the electricity bills could not be paid.

The contempt of the serpents ..
He said that since the enactment of the 2018 Panchayati Raj Act, the Sarpanch has been tolerant of all the cuts in its powers but has been participating in government programs. Panchayat funds aside, there is strong opposition to the fact that the taluka bills for expenditure incurred in the past rural development program are yet to be sanctioned.

Sarpanch’s jhalak to the government ..
The ruling party, ZPTC, has resigned from its post in Jagittala district last month after the government failed to deliver on its promise. Later, some TRS leaders resigned in the same vein. A similar situation exists in the district now represented by the present Minister KTR. Not only here, but in every district, similar situations have arisen. From the sarpanches to the MLAs, there are reports that the TRS is preparing to voice its contempt for the government. There is only another year time for elections. At this point the village sarpanches are sending signals that it is not good for the TRS leadership to raise opposition.

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