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The phrase “alternative fact” has been added to the list of unparliamentary language in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

Speaker Randy Weeks delivered his ruling on Thursday, in response to a point raised the day before by NDP MLA Nicole Sarouer of Regina Douglas Park.

He took issue with Finance Minister Donna Harpour’s use of the phrase during Question Hour while responding to NDP MLA Vicki Mowat, who represents Saskatoon-Fairview.

The NDP’s Jennifer Bowes, who represents the University of Saskatoon, apologized for referring to Health Minister Paul Merriman as “tired and washed up” while criticizing the government’s approach to abortion access.

Bowes expressed his regret after House Leader Jeremy Harrison raised a point of order regarding his comments.

Harrison also used the phrase “alternative facts” on Monday during a heated exchange with NDP Regina Rosemont MLA Trent Worspoon, during which Weeks accused both Harrison and Worspoon of using the parliamentary term “government” instead of “Sask”. Party” and asked to say “NDP”. “and” cons.

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After Sarouer expressed his concern, Harrison stated that he did not think the phrase was unparliamentary based on guidance previously provided by Veeck.

The speaker agreed to take the issue under advice and pronounced the verdict on Thursday morning.

“The speaker takes into account the tone, manner and intent of the member speaking as ‘alternative facts, fake news, misinformation and misrepresentation’ are now used in political speech and are widely recognized as labels that misinterpret the truth,” said Weeks.

“Members know that it is unparliamentary to accuse each other of knowingly being untruthful. I caution all Members to be respectful when referring to other Members.”

In his ruling, Weeks cautioned legislative members to avoid terms that imply “deliberate untruths” to opposite members.

The politically loaded term “alternative fact” first came to prominence in the US in the early days of the Trump administration.


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