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Travel is still disrupted in parts of Scotland after a day of heavy rain – when one person was swept away by water.

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Travel is still disrupted in parts of Scotland after a day of heavy rain – when one person was swept away by water.

Police searching for a woman who was washed away in the River Don in Scotland have “put down” their search Heavy rains shook the country, The woman is believed to have been attempting to rescue a dog near Inverurie during heavy rain on Friday afternoon (18 November).

In a statement on Friday evening, Police Scotland said: “On Friday, 18 November, at approximately 3.05pm, police were called to the Don River near Monymusk following reports of concern for a woman in the water.

“Police and emergency services attended and a search was carried out. The search has been called off for the evening after assessing the situation in the river. Police inquiries are on.”

The Coast Guard joined the search for the woman, but confirmed they were standing down to focus on other tasks. Torrential rain has disrupted rail travel across much of eastern Scotland and blocked roads, with many schools closed on Friday.

meteorological office have said more than 140mm of rain – more than a month – had fallen in Charr, Aberdeenshire overnight. Rest centers were opened in the Ballater, Aboyne, Inverurie and Kemne areas for people who are unable to stay in their homes or need help during severe weather.

Elsewhere in Scotland, parts of Edinburgh were flooded, including the Crewe Toll Roundabout, which pictures showed submerged in water. The power cuts have affected Kintore, Stonehaven, Hatton of Finlay, Inverurie and Portlethen and there are reports that broadband is still down in some areas.

Stephen Dixon, spokesman for meteorological office, said the rain would gradually taper off by Friday evening but overnight temperatures would drop as low as -4C in Northern Ireland. Today (Saturday, 19 November) is expected to be clear – but there could be more rain on Sunday.

He added: “It sets up what is really going to be the theme of next week, which is continued wet and windy weather across much of the UK.”


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