Send nominations for 27th Mahavir Award: N. Sugalchand Jain IG News

The city of Chennai is well known for its cultural heritage, especially the abundance of temples, delicious food, the difficult to speak Tamil and English languages, as well as the excitement of organizing the most popular festival of Pongal. Is. The most important thing is that this city also has a well-known Hindi-speaking area, where a glimpse of Rajasthan’s glorious tradition and rich history is visible and tableaux are also visible. The Rajasthani society here thinks a lot about the development of the country and the world apart from their city Chennai. Renowned social worker, industrialist, thinker, writer and eloquent speaker of the city Shri Shri N. Sugalchand Jain’s family has also been living here for more than 100 years, which has been playing a leading role in various social and cultural activities. In a role based on social concerns, Shri N. Sugalchand Jain also always remains ahead. He believes that those who do excellent work selflessly in the development of the society and the country should be honoured. They should be respected and felicitated so that positive ideology can be communicated in the country and the world. so he founded an organization Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation Through which for the last 3 decades, Karmayogi individuals and dedicated voluntary organizations from all over the country are being honored and various campaigns are being conducted by the Foundation for cultural and religious consciousness.

The 26th Mahavir Award was announced today under the banner of Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation and many important things were told which are very important to know and understand in today’s context. Mr. N. Sugalchand Jain informed that the Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation established in the year 1994 has announced the awardees for the 26th Mahavir Puraskars to identify, encourage and honor people who have done selfless service. But at the same time nominations are being sought by the Foundation for the next award selection. Regarding Mahavir Award, he told that this award is given every year for non-violence and vegetarianism, education-public awareness, medical and community development and service. Mr. N. Sugalchand Jain ji says that Karma Yogis working in the field should be honored. They should be encouraged. He believes that those who selflessly serve the destitute and the people who are in distress, they are the true Karmayogi of the country. He said that the information about the 27th Mahavir Award has been given on the website. Individuals and organizations dedicated to Karmayogis are requested to send nominations for this award.

Member of the selection committee of the award and former Chief Commissioner of the Election Commission Mr. TS Krishnamurthy, former Chief Election Commissioner of India, member of the selection committee today discussed the method of award selection and told many important things about it. He said that a lot of research has to be done for the selection of the four awards of the Foundation. Then we reach a conclusion. This time also the evaluation is done by collecting superficial information about the award. Then the announcement is made. He told that many eminent personalities of the country are included in the selection committee of Mahavir Award. Foundation’s Trustee Mr. Vinod Kumar is the youngest, humble and promising social worker who plays an active role in closely understanding and advising every small and big activities of the Foundation. Under the guidance of Mr. Vinod Kumar, many types of modern arrangements and contact methods have been developed to connect the services of the Foundation with the people. Through which help is being given in finding Karmayogis from all over. He believes that there is a need to make this campaign more intense, for which the Foundation is continuously dedicated.

In today’s press briefing, it was informed that 324 nominations were considered by the shortlisting committee for the 26th Mahavir Awards. The award winners were decided by an eminent selection jury headed by Justice Shri MN Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India. The awards are given for excellence in human endeavor in the fields of non-violence and vegetarianism, education, medicine and community and social service. So far 84 awardees from 22 states and 1 union territory have been given for their selfless work for the welfare of the incurable. The best services have been given. This award is presented by eminent personalities of our country like President of India, Vice President of India, Governors, Chief Minister and other ministers. This year 4 more awardees have been selected, taking the total number of awardees to 88.

These awards are being given to those individuals and institutions who are doing selfless service for the welfare of the disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society. With a view to focus public attention on the activities of these philanthropists and encourage others to emulate them, the Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation has instituted the Mahavir Puraskars which are awarded every year. The activities of the Foundation are managed by its Managing Trustees Efficiently directed and supervised by Mr. Prasannachand Jain.

Nominations are invited in the prescribed format from across the country with the help of district administrators, legislators, bureaucrats, educationists, media, social workers, parliamentarians and other eminent people for selection for this award. Nominations are received every year from almost all the states of the country. The Foundation invites nominations for the 27th Mahavir Awards from individuals and institutions doing selfless service in 4 categories, namely, non-violence and vegetarianism, education, medicine and community and social service. Nomination forms can be downloaded from our website



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