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Telangana Congress: Telangana Congress has taken a sensational decision on cancellation of 111 Jio. It has taken a step forward to corner the ruling party on the cancellation of this Jio. To this extent, a fact-finding committee consisting of seven members has been formed. The committee will prepare a report after studying the consequences of the cancellation of Jio. To this extent, the Congress Political Affairs Committee met at Gandhi Bhavan on Friday and took a key decision. Key leaders including Kodanda Reddy participated in this meeting.

The Congress claims that the cancellation of this bio will cause damage to the twin reservoirs. Also, it is alleged that BRS leaders have bought the lands under this JO on a large scale.. The government canceled the JO only after the lands went into the hands of the leaders of the ruling party. So what is the reason behind the cancellation of this life? This committee will study the consequences of this. The report will be handed over to the party leaders.

Key decisions in PAC meeting..

Many important decisions were taken in the Congress PAC meeting. It was decided to hold the festivities for 20 days in the wake of the statehood celebrations. As part of this, programs will be organized to explain the ruling party’s actions to the public. On June 2, it has been decided to offer milk to Sonia Gandhi’s portrait in all the mandal centers of the state. Activists want to keep the Congress flag on the house for 20 days. Madhuyashki said that the CM and Deputy CM of Karnataka will be invited to these celebrations and BC Garjana will be held.

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He said that under the leadership of senior leader VH, they will agitate for the replacement of the statue of Dr. Ambedkar. MP Uttam Kumar said that Modi is insulting the Indian Parliament system. He also said that it is ironic that the President was not invited to the opening of the Parliament. Uttam said that they will not attend the inauguration of the new Parliament.

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