Seventh day of Ganeshotsav in Indore. Ganeshotsav celebrated in Maheshwari Boys Hostel, fruit offering to Gajanan on Dol Gyaras IG News

Naman Mehta. IndoreOne hour ago

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Ganeshotsav is being celebrated with pomp at Sitadevi Jayanarayan Jaju Maheshwari Boys Hostel. Various types of religious programs are being organized every day by the committee members. In which special aarti-puja and bhajan-sandhya is organised.

On the seventh day of Ganeshotsav, special worship of the first revered Gajanan was done. Also, on the occasion of Dol Gyaras, fruits were offered to Ganapati. Which was distributed among the devotees after Aarti.

Devotees performing Gajanan Aarti

Devotees performing Gajanan Aarti

Hostel resident children told that an attractive idol of Gajanan blessing the devotees in a resting posture has been installed with special decorations like Kailash with flowers, leaves and lights. All the children are performing Aarti-Pooja and chanting Bappa, asking for a bright future and requesting him to get relief from their troubles.

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