Several major agendas discussed in the Mumbai meeting of the India Alliance IG News

Mumbai. Many new parties are expected to participate in the next meeting of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance to be held in Mumbai. The India Alliance claims that 27 parties will participate in the Mumbai meeting. Last time a total of 26 parties were with the All India Alliance and this time an invitation has been sent to Maharashtra Shetkari Dal for the meeting. The meeting is to be held in Mumbai on August 31 and September 1. According to sources, the logo of the India alliance will also be unveiled along with the coordinator of the alliance in the meeting.

Many major agendas will be discussed in the meeting of the India Alliance. In this, the names of the members of the 11-member Coordination Committee will also be discussed. It is also possible to announce the names after the meeting. In the meeting, opinion of political parties can also be taken on the post of Convener in India Alliance. If the convenor is not made, then only the coordinators of different parties will coordinate India.

First meeting on August 31, leaders will have dinner together
In the meeting to be held in Mumbai, there will also be a discussion on keeping separate spokespersons for the ‘INDIA’ alliance. Apart from holding a collective public meeting for the ‘India Alliance’, other agenda will also be discussed with the alliance parties. On August 31, there will be the first meeting with the coalition parties and at 7 pm there will be dinner with the leaders of the India coalition.

Logo will also be unveiled
The meeting will start on September 1 at 11 am and there will be a detailed discussion and strategy regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In the meeting, the logo of the India alliance will also be unveiled along with the coordinator of the alliance.