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Shahbaz Sharif, an official who has corruption under his nose and takes no action. I will not allow that.

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif described tax collection as a big challenge. and said that officials with corruption were right under their noses and were not taking any action. Unacceptable

Addressing an event organized by talented and hard-working officials of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Shahbaz Sharif said that targets of tax collection are falling prey to corruption, fraud and greed.

He said that in the tax collection process there is no tolerance for officials who have corruption under their noses and do not take action.

The Prime Minister added that underperforming officials will not be given any more opportunities. Separated from black and white according to agency reports and information from FBR.

He said court members should either work or go home. If they work hard India will leave the father of India behind.

Shahbaz Sharif also said that the entire country is proud of the talented and hard-working officials of FBR. Tax-GDP gap It is a big challenge for Pakistan.

He said that if you make a mistake with honesty you can correct it. Justice is neither black nor white. Sindhi or Punjabi or Pathan? I only see merit..

The Prime Minister said that good workers would be discouraged if everyone was beaten with sticks without punishment.

He said members of the court would be respected if they did their job. Otherwise, they will go home. R750 billion in sales tax stolen through counterfeiting

Shahba Zashrif said that in the track and trace system fraud Tax evaders were given the option to install the machines themselves. Installed specific machines in 2 production lines in a cement factory. And may God bless them.

He said it was a good thing if the FBR system worked, otherwise we would have to go to the last resort.

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