Shailesh Tilak Reaction on BJP Hemant Rasane Defeat in Kasba Peth Bypoll Election; BJP’s defeat in the town is shocking, it is difficult to digest the truth: Shailesh Tilak IG News

Pune: BJP’s Hemant Rasane has been shockingly defeated in the Kasba by-election, which has been known as BJP’s stronghold for the last 28 years. Ravindra Dhangekar of Congress defeated him by 11 thousand votes. Shailesh Tilak, husband of late BJP MLA Mukta Tilak, has said that this defeat in the town is really shocking. He said that it is very difficult for us to digest this defeat. Shailesh Tilak was eager to contest the by-election from the town. Many people predicted that the BJP would easily win the Kasba elections if the Tilak family nominated them. However, Shailesh Tilak was very upset because the BJP leadership gave an opportunity to Hemant Rasane at the right time. But, he was persuaded by the BJP. However, now after the defeat in Kasba, Shailesh Tilak has expressed the need for self-examination of the BJP. He was talking to the media in Pune on Thursday.

In the last 30 to 35 years, the party organization of BJP has been firmly built in the town. However, the BJP was defeated in the town. The reasons for this defeat should be found out. For that, one should go to the voters and know their sentiments. Whether the BJP would have won in the Kasab if a person from the Tilak family had been nominated, it cannot be said now. For that, it should be seen in detail how many votes were cast in which part of the town. How did Ravindra Dhangekar get a majority of 11,000 votes, in which ward BJP got less votes should be checked. But Hemant Rasane of BJP did not get the expected majority in Ward No. 15 which is the area of ​​Sadashiv Peth, Narayan Peth. Shailesh Tilak also said that it should be investigated whether the displeasure of the Brahmin community is the cause of all this.
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At this time, Kunal Tilak expressed his desire to fight from Kasba if given another chance by BJP. I am 100 percent willing to contest the upcoming elections in the town. We need to reclaim this space. We are interested if I or my father gets candidature from Kasba. Kunal Tilak said that BJP should start working again from the beginning.

It was not swept, but it came… BJP’s stronghold was seized, Ravindra Dhangekar threw a tantrum!

Tears in Shailesh Tilak’s eyes due to rejection of candidature

Shailesh Tilak had publicly expressed his displeasure after the BJP rejected his candidature from the town. After the by-election is announced in the constituency, the candidate is given to the family member of the member who has passed away. So we demanded that a person from our family should get candidature. We wanted to complete Mukta Tilak’s unfinished work. But the party took a different decision, but we accept it. Mukta Tilak worked for the party even during his illness. Shailesh Tilak had said that he regrets that BJP’s decision has done him injustice. At this time, his eyes were watering.