Shame on Shraddha’s use of murder to win elections IG News

Extra Affair – Bharat Bharadwaj

Most politicians in India do not hesitate to go to any extent for political gain. Leave everything else but they are not ashamed to bake political bread even on someone’s dead body for their own benefit. When the brutal killing of 26-year-old Shraddha Walkar in Delhi has shocked the entire country, it is disgusting to see the way BJP and Aam Aadmi Party leaders are playing politics over Shraddha Walkar’s murder for political gain.
When a 26-year-old love-seeking girl was brutally killed by her so-called lover, instead of showing sympathy to her family, he did not even hesitate to use the issue of this girl’s death for his own benefit. Our politicians are acting in such a way that people who show this level of insensitivity and naivety should be ashamed to even be called human.
Shraddha Walker was brutally murdered by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala. Taking hold of this, Aam Aadmi Party leader Naresh Balayan has made this issue a revenge issue and questioned whether Aftab Poonawala has any relation with Shehzad Poonawala or not? If Shahzad has no relationship with Aftab, why is Shahzad running away from Poonawala? Shehzad Poonawala is BJP spokesperson so Goyal targeted him.
The matter is hot because Shehzad also made political allegations against him, now Assam Chief Minister Himant Bishrwa Sarma has started the dirty game of baking political bread by raising this issue in the Gujarat elections. Calling Shraddha’s murder a case of love-jihad, Himant Bishrwa Sarma said in a rally in Kutch that if the country does not have a strong leader like Narendra Modi, Aftab will arise in every city and we will not be able to protect our society, so there is a need to give Narendra Modi a third term at the centre.
Himant Bishrwa Sarma termed the Shraddha murder case as “love jihad” and claimed that Aftab brought Shraddha’s sister from Mumbai to Delhi and then chopped her into 35 pieces in the name of love jihad. Keep these pieces back in the fridge. Even though Shraddha’s body was lying in the fridge, he brought another girl home and started the game of lust. According to Sarma, if the country does not have a powerful leader who considers the country as its mother, such Aftab will arise in every city and we will not be able to protect our society. Sarma concluded the whole thing by saying that Narendra Modi should be made the Prime Minister for the third time in 2024 so that disasters do not occur in every city.
Sarma has said many other things and there is no point in reciting all of them, because the things he has said in the name of the death of Shraddha are mind-boggling. I don’t understand how anyone can use the brutal murder of a 26-year-old girl as a political issue and use it for political gain. After listening to Sarma’s words, one wonders whether this man has any humanity at all.
After listening to Sarma’s words, Hindus need to think about one thing. On the pretext of killing Shraddha, Sarma is also creating a fear among the Hindus of Gujarat and the country. At the same time, Sarma is indirectly saying that Hindus are cowards and cowards. They do not have the strength to protect their sisters and daughters. Only if there is Modi, the sisters and daughters of Hindus will be protected, otherwise Muslims like Aftab will tear them to pieces.
This is absurd because Modi came to power in the country for eight years. Before that, the Hindus of this country were not able to protect their sisters and daughters? Before Modi was not in power, the faith was cut into pieces in this country, the sisters and daughters of Hindus were cut to pieces and killed?
And the biggest thing is that Delhi where Shraddha was killed is under whose control? Aam Aadmi Party is the government in Delhi but law and order is in the hands of the central government. The responsibility of maintaining law and order in Delhi lies with the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Narendra Modi government. Despite the fact that this Home Ministry is under the control of another veteran leader of BJP, Amit Shah Sahib, Aftab has arisen in Delhi, right? Why the Union Home Ministry, Delhi Police could not stop him?
After Shraddha and Aftab fell in love in Mumbai, both of them came to Delhi and started living. Delhi Police had no information about him. On 18 May 2022, Aftab strangled Shraddha and cut her body into 35 pieces and kept it in the fridge. Shraddha’s dead body was buried one by one in the forest, but why didn’t the Delhi Police know?
Secondly, even in BJP-ruled states, Hindu sisters and daughters are raped and killed. Unnao, Pilibhit, Hathras etc. are some incidents. Why couldn’t a strong leader stop all that?
It is also a shame for BJP to raise this issue to win Gujarat elections. BJP has been ruling in Gujarat for 27 years. BJP claims to have made Gujarat a paradise in 27 years. BJP claims that we have developed such a strong development in Gujarat that not only other states but also abroad are jealous of it. BJP leaders have been jumping for years in the name of Gujarat’s development model and even after that they have to resort to the brutal killing of a 26-year-old innocent girl to win elections, BJP leaders should drown with water in their lids.


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