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Shareholders voted in favor of PIA Holding Company.

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Islamabad + Rawalpindi (Nawai Waqt Report + Staff Reporter) Shareholders of National Airlines PIA Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of PIA Holding Company Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of PIA PIA Training Center Held. It was in Karachi where the vote was held to transfer PIA Corporation Limited to PIA Holding Limited, according to a PIA spokesperson, Federal Secretary Privatization Commission. aviation secretary Legal experts of financial advisors and CEOs also attended the meeting. Shareholders At this meeting, the Chairman and CEO of PIA gave a speech to the shareholders that PIA’s management has taken steps to improve the organization in response to shareholder feedback. And because of last year’s performance, the airline has completed 13 years of operations after earning operating profits. PIA shares have increased in trading value 700 times. PIA Chairman said that PIA plans to start It will operate in Europe and the UK from June 2024 after passing the IASA audit. Officials said the government is taking tough steps to seriously improve PIA and the presence of senior government officials in This meeting Guarantee this

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