Shivraj Rakshe on His jaw injury, Shivraj, who was destined to be the saffron of Maharashtra, was going to quit wrestling at the age of 15, told himself what happened – shivraj rakshe shared incident of his severe injury while wrestling his jaw bone got broken read the incident IG News

Mumbai:Maharashtra Kesari Wrestling Tournament 2023 was recently held in Pune. In this wrestling tournament, Maharashtra got this year’s new Maharashtra Kesari Shivraj Rakshe of Nanded. In the final wrestling match, Shivraj Raksha defeated Mahendra Gaikwad of Solapur to engrave his name on the silver mace of honour. Actually wrestling is in Shivraj’s blood. Because both his father and grandfather were wrestlers. So, he wanted his son to hit the field of Maharashtra Kesari and Shivraj made his father’s dream come true.

There are many ups and downs in the life of wrestlers, they have to face many different situations. There was such an occasion in the life of Shivraj Raksha that he had to quit wrestling.

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Shivraj Rakshe, who became the Maharashtra Kesari at the age of 26, narrated this incident while interacting in ABP Maja’s program. At the age of 15, the thought of quitting wrestling entered Shivraj’s mind and the reason behind this was a severe injury. He was wrestling when he was 15 years old and broke his jaw bone during that wrestling match.

Narrating the incident of this severe injury, Shivraj said, ‘While playing wrestling, I was suddenly injured and my jaw bone was broken. I was 15 then for two months I couldn’t even open my jaw so I only drank juice. After this injury, I thought I should not take up wrestling, but my mother, father and brother always encouraged me and never gave me up. It is because of their encouragement that I have reached this far.’

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He continued to say. ‘When I was eight or nine years old, I used to work as hard as him in rehearsals with my father. At that time, I used to hit five hundred meetings in one breath. Seeing that I was pushing so hard at such a young age, my father showed faith in me and decided to send me to Alandi’s training. At that time this talim was said to be the best talim in our area. Because there was Malla Dinesh Gund of international standard. My father had sent me to Alandi to come under him.’ After fulfilling his father’s dream of hitting the ground of Maharashtra wrestling tournament, now Shivraj’s next target is Olympics.


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