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His name is Kona Satish. He committed suicide by falling off a train at Bhimavaram on the 24th of this month. His was completed by Satish PG, a housewife and mother of Kadium father Pula trader in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. So they do not know why their son committed suicide. But on the 26th he was shocked to see a message on his son’s phone. Satish is sending messages to morph the photo and forget the nude and pay their dues. There are messages that Satish Contacts will send Satish nude pictures to everyone if they do not pay their debt. The bereaved parents turned to the police after losing their original son. Investigating police learned shocking facts.

Satish, who is soft-spoken, has completed his PG and got a loan from an online app to study so as not to be a burden to his parents. App managers put pressure on me for not paying on time. He was also threatened, morphed into photos and sent to others. Satish, who knew the matter, became depressed. Satish said at home that he was going to the cinema .. He committed suicide when the train went down.

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In finance, people who are unrelated to the object or the borrower are making phone calls and accusing that the particular person has taken a loan from us. In addition, tattoos are insulting, insulting, nude morphing photos and sharing on social media if not heard. Victims of such incidents are severely paralyzed and commit suicide.

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Aadhaar card, PAN card, home address, personal details as well as bank account details are being collected from these people to get the loan sanctioned. In addition, personal data on the mobile phone may be stolen without the knowledge of the applicant. If there is a delay in repaying the loan taken then provoke. Voice messages are sent to prostitutes. Also photos are morphed and sent to those on the contact list. The same women who speak softly first and then morph into nude photos and make threats. Incidents of people committing suicide due to humiliation and stress in such an incident are always on the rise.

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