Shraddha Murder Case: Big disclosure on the bones found from the forests of Mehrauli, police investigation continues – Latest Bihar News | Current News of Bihar IG News

Police investigation is going on in Shraddha Walker murder case. Police is searching for evidence in Mehrauli forests. According to the Delhi Police, some bones have been found from the forest, on which it seems like cut marks and breaking. After the confession of accused Aftab, the Delhi Police team had reached thrice on November 16 at the place where accused Aftab had claimed to have thrown the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body.

Let us tell you that the police team reached Chhatarpur forest at around 6 am on November 16, where it found some bones during the search. On the other hand, the Delhi Police team reached Mehrauli’s jungle area at 100 Foota Road at around 9 am. The police were also surprised by what he found there. During the search, the police found a big bone which seemed to be the Femur Bone of the body. This is the bone which is called Thigh Bone. This bone is very strong.

Apart from this, for the third time, the Delhi Police team reached the jungle area near Chhatarpur Enclave and near Metro Pillar. Here the police found bones like Radius-Ulna, Patella and Femur etc. during the search. It is not yet clear that whose bones have been found by the police? Whether these bones belong to Shraddha or someone else, it will be clear only after further investigation.


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