Shraddha Murder Case Brain mapping will expose Aftab! Expert said such people are not mentally ill but IG News

New Delhi: People like Aftab Poonawalla are not mentally ill, but tend towards criminal behavior from adolescence. This is to say Nimesh G, former director of the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS). Desai’s Poonawalla (28) is accused of murdering her live-in partner Shraddha Walker (27) and dismembering her body into 35 pieces. Talking about the Shraddha Walker murder case, Dr. Nimesh G Desai told News18 India that with 30-40 years of criminal investigation experience, I can say that such people turn to criminal tendencies from their teenage years.

Dr. Desai said, ‘Mentally ill people are different. But people like Aftab never hesitate to quarrel, fight and harm others. There is no doubt that the accused has a classical social profile. Such people do what they want and discourage others. He continued, ‘We have some methods, which help bring out the truth. The truth can be revealed through the process of brain mapping. Let us tell you that no chemical substances are used in brain mapping.

This machine will expose Aftab in the Shraddha murder case

Aftab, the accused in the Shraddha murder case, is currently in police custody. Efforts are on to collect evidence related to the murder case through it. Experts will easily catch Aftab’s lies through brain mapping. This is a method in which an attempt is made to read the mind of a criminal or suspect. A special device is placed on the head of a criminal or suspect… then his brain is studied during the test. His brain waves are read. During the test, if the criminal or suspect has committed a crime, his brain waves will be captured by sensors installed in the machine.

Aftab killed Shraddha by strangling her

Aftab Poonawalla was arrested by the Delhi Police on November 12 on charges of murdering Shraddha Walkar at her rented flat in South Delhi’s Mehrauli area. Delhi Police said Aftab strangled Shraddha to death and cut her body into about 35 pieces, which he kept in a 300 liter fridge at home for about three weeks. He used to go to throw in different areas of the city in the middle of the night for several days.

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The meeting happened through the dating app ‘Bumble’

The police said that on that day there was a fight between the two over financial issues. It is suspected that Poonawalla killed 27-year-old Shraddha Walker after an altercation between the two on the evening of May 18. Shraddha was a resident of Vasai in Palghar district of Maharashtra. The two met in Mumbai through the dating app ‘Bumble’. After this, both of them started working together in a call center in Mumbai and from there started their love affair. Later he came to Delhi.

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