Shura Hamdard conducts its monthly meeting under the theme Save Pakistan “Embrace Morality” IG News

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Mubasher Mir joined as guest speaker

KARACHI: Shura Hamdard Karachi convened its monthly meeting at Hamdard Corporate Head Office yesterday. The meeting was organized under the theme “Embrace Ethics”. Save Pakistan” and was honored in the presence of Ms. Sadia Rashid, Chairperson, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan. During the meeting, distinguished senior journalist Mubashir Mir was also invited as a guest speaker.
In the inaugural address, Deputy Speaker Shura Hamdard, Col (Retd) Mukhtar Ahmad Butt said that every patriotic citizen is deeply troubled by the present situation arising in the country. Various types of social evils are continuously increasing in our society, and no clear action plan has been seen at any level to address these issues. Serving the people and making the country aware and intellectually educated is one of the basic principles of politics.
Ms. Sadia Rasheed informed the gathering that this year 7th April marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation. To commemorate this milestone, the theme “Health for All” has been adopted globally. This year Hamdard Pakistan has planned various programs throughout the month of March. As part of these initiatives, free medical camps have so far been organized in various areas, and a special walk has been organized to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity and health.
Guest speaker Mubashir Mir said that the importance of moral education cannot be denied; However, it is also a reality that individuals follow the values ​​and principles of their leaders and role models rather than teachings alone. While we can differentiate between right and wrong on an individual level, the challenge arises when we consider the collective psyche. The process of nation building requires collective thinking. This is precisely the reason why scholars and intellectuals like Hakim Mohammad Sayeed laid great emphasis on patriotism. Although knowledge and learning are important components in shaping the character of a nation, it is ultimately leadership and role models that instill courage and determination in people, enabling them to face and overcome challenges. Sadly, there is an acute shortage of such political thinkers in Pakistan.
Commander (R) Saeed Anwar Malik said that ethics is about respecting the laws while demonstrating good behavior and character. Western societies have fully embraced this definition of morality and are leading the world as a result. They need to be implemented through law enforcement agencies to maintain morality and law. A country which has a properly functioning judiciary and police department can be considered a good society. In earlier times special programs were made on radio to teach moral values ​​to young children.
However, today there is a dearth of such programs despite the presence of social media.
Anwar-ul-Haq Siddiqui said that the primary reason for the moral crisis is the lack of collective national and social consciousness among all individuals. It is important to discipline the nation immediately to resolve this issue. Discipline can be achieved by strict implementation of punishments. It is essential to teach and learn the value of time. We must understand that change begins at the individual level.
Professor Dr. Tanveer Khalid advised the parents to give maximum time to their children, be their role model so that they can follow in their footsteps. He recommended that the students of Hamdard Public School and Hamdard University be invited to participate in the meetings of Shura Hamdard Karachi to express their opinion, so that we can understand the perspective of the younger generation. He stressed the importance of literature, art and media in promoting moral and ethical outlook and called for special measures in this regard.
Musarrat Akram, Ibn-ul-Hasan Rizvi, Dr. Shaheen Habib and Dr. Abu Bakr Shaikh also spoke on the occasion.