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  • Sir {Born : 13 April 1956 {Death : 9 March

Bollywood’s famous director, producer, actor and writer Satish Kaushik is no more. He died of a heart attack on Thursday morning. Arvind Mandaloi, the author of Jaodnama based on Javed Akhtar, interacted with Satish Kaushik some time ago. Get to know Satish Kaushik today from the same interview. In this interview, Satish spoke about his beginnings, struggles and times of success. Read about Satish today… in his own words.

First day in Mumbai
When we got down at the station, it was raining heavily. I and my friend Raja Bundela… both were together. When he came to Mumbai, he did not know anyone. There was a distant relative, Ganeshji. He used to work in railways. They didn’t even talk to me for two days when they came to know that I had come to be an actor. How he came here to be an actor, the message was driven home. I stayed at their house for only 2-3 days. Thank you very much for that. I came with a decision that I want to stay in Mumbai. I wanted to work in the film industry. Then I became an actor… or a tea drinker. It was here that my father had a very old friend, Mr. Arora… Banarsilal Arora. He had a textile company in Vikhroli. I worked with him for one year from September 1, 1979 to September 1, 1980. My job was to lift the boxes, bill their clothes, put the goods in the tempo and then send them to the station. This was my initial phase.

‘Mandi’ and kidney stones
Prithvi Theater started during that time. People like us got a place, got a platform to showcase our art. As I worked in a mill, I used to work during the day and play in the evening. But, I had the urge to work in a commercial film. The problem was that photographs for commercial films had to be taken and sent here and there. It was a big mess, but you wouldn’t believe it, I never sent a photo to any office. The casting of Shyam Benegal’s ‘Mandi’ was going on and then I had a kidney stone. I left Nair hospital after X-ray. Shyam Babu had his office in the Everest building. So I thought, let’s meet. They employ theater people. I said, ‘Shyam Babu, you have seen the theatre. If there is any work, give it.’ He said, Satish! I have seen your performance. Do one thing, keep your photos. So I said, Sir, I don’t have any photos.’ But I immediately said, ‘I have X-ray reports. I look great inside.’ He laughed a lot hearing this. Quickly said, ‘You are in my film. Sign the contract outside.’

Career car…
I got the role of Calendar in ‘Mr India’ and ‘Calendar’ became a hit. Then the door opened for me. Then one after another more roles started coming. Acted and wrote ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaron’. Then came a movie – Ab Aayega Maja. I wrote a story-screen play for it. I got a glimpse of Pankaj Parashar’s Jalwa picture while Mr. India was happening. Ramu Ghariali’s role was very popular. I did this scene with Amitabh Bachchan in Shahenshah movie. That’s how my car started running in Bollywood and kept running.

Success and home
Ever since coming to Mumbai, no information has been given to the family. I didn’t say what I was doing or what I wasn’t doing. For the silver jubilee year of Mr. India, I invited both my brothers Brahmadutta Kaushik and Ashok Kaushik to Mumbai for the first time. They were stunned to see it. Tears welled up in their eyes. I remember… a child from Delhi, sitting in a deluxe train. My elder brother tried hard to get me down from the train. And I was saying, go bro, I want to make my future there. I want to go there. When the train started, he too had tears in his eyes.

Satisfying role
As an actor, ‘Calendar’ was very unique. Similarly, ‘Pappu Pager’ and ‘Muttu Swamy’ were also very special. But the role that satisfied me was a British film. ‘Bricklane’ was a movie directed by Sarah Geeves. It was shot entirely in London. Actually the role was that of a Bangladeshi husband, I felt the real Satish Kaushik in it. That is what is called layered performance. This is one of my most fulfilling roles. People couldn’t see it here, because it couldn’t be released in India.

People will say that he gave up the idea of ​​suicide, because he thought, even if it falls on eggplant
Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja… had flopped. It was probably premiered in Hyderabad. By then I was very upset. I thought…life was over. I will commit suicide today. Everyone was shouting downstairs and I was in my room. The door opened… Oh, it was the first floor. Meals are prepared below. I thought… Man! If I jump, I will fall into the eggplant. People will say that even if the picture flops, the desire to eat it will not go away. And thus the thought came and went.

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