Sikh radicals: India is closely observing the behavior of Britain and Canada IG News

New Delhi : The Indian government is closely monitoring the rise of Sikh radicalization. In Britain and Canada, Sikh radicals are attacking Hindu temples and religious symbols, but the respective governments are not taking strict action. It is asking the respective countries through diplomatic channels to take strict action against the radicals.

The Narendra Modi government is closely monitoring the rise of Sikh radicalisation. It is reviewing the attacks on Hindu religious symbols and temples in Britain and Canada. Various possibilities are being explored to send a direct and sharp message to these two countries.

The Indian government strongly condemned the attack on Indians in Leicester, Britain. Britain has expressed its protest to the authorities. While raising funds to stoke the separatist movement, the Modi government observes the complacent and apathetic behavior of the British security agencies. Decided not to take anything lightly. It has decided to respond strongly to the developments taking place against India in these two Commonwealth countries. India is opposed to Britain’s attempts to gain an international role in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and the Indo-Pacific region, which it lacks.

Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval are taking the developments in Britain and Canada seriously. Our country is going to respond to the increasing severity of these developments.

India is observing that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reacting in opposite ways to Russia and India. Justin Trudeau strongly opposed Russia’s proposal to hold referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. But the banned Sikhs for Justice (Sikhs for Justice) Khalistani terrorist organization held a referendum in Brompton, Ontario on the 19th of this month, leaving Trudeau unscathed. The Indian government has sent three diplomatic messages to stop this illegal referendum, but the Trudeau government has not taken adequate steps.

The Trudeau government responded by saying that people have freedom in Canada. It said that people have the right to express their feelings peacefully and legally. Expressed outrage over the desecration of the Swaminarayan temple in Brompton, Ontario.

Britain, Canada and America are becoming the centers of sick radical movement. Punjab gangsters are staying in Canada. With this, the Indian government has already made one thing clear to these three countries. In other words, not taking action against anti-India Sikh radicals is tantamount to complicity in their crime.

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