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Haleem Adil Give money, get private security: Sindh High Court – Daily Qudrat

Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro said that you are a politician, here politics is a difficult task. Haleem Adil Sheikh said that cases were registered against me, my security was withdrawn.
Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro inquired who registered the cases? Halim Adil Sheikh replied that the Sindh government registered the cases, I have been attacked.
Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro said that what will happen to intimidate, you think, if they register the cases, how will they provide security? If you want, hire a private guard, the people who have been given security by the Sindh government is also wrong. Halim Adil Sheikh said that these people have given police security to their friends, I was given security earlier too.
The court said that leave the first one, if the law does not allow it, we cannot order to provide police security, give money and get private security, if the law would have allowed it, there would be 2 police mobiles, a dozen officers and guards of Rangers too. They give orders to provide, here whoever has money considers himself as God, hires private guards and harasses people on the streets.
On this occasion, the court directed the police to check the police and private guards who are harassing the public. The representative of the Interior Department told the court that Haleem Adil Sheikh can hire private guards for security if he wants. The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing for a week due to the absence of Haleem Adil Sheikh’s lawyer.

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