Smart City Conclave from today | Awards will be given to cities in 66 categories, Indore at number one, Surat at second and Agra at number three in the country. IG News

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Agra is supplying water 24 hours in ABD area. Free Wi-Fi facility is being provided to the people on BRTS in Ahmedabad. In Hubli, a five km long drain has been dried and a cycle track has been built on it.

The wide back lane in Shivamogga, Karnataka has been cleared and converted into parking. This not only helps in cleaning but also generates income. Flood sensors have been installed along smart roads in Pune, the data of which remains in the smart city center and gives warnings from time to time.

These are some examples of the unique experiments of those cities of the country due to which they have been selected among the best smart cities of the country. Indore is number one among these. Surat has been at second place and Agra at third place. These cities will be awarded in a two-day conclave starting from September 26 at the Brilliant Convention Centre. President Draupadi Murmu will award the cities on September 27.

In eight years, cities worked on new topics with changed parameters and technology.

Indore – Bio CNG Plant

Under the Smart City Project, area based development was done in Rajbada and surrounding areas. 100 Ahilya Vans are being prepared in the city for clean air. Asia’s largest bio-CNG plant has been established last year in the trenching ground.

Surat – Biodiversity Park

A 3 km self-sustainable gardening pathway has been built in the center of the city. Earlier there was a canal and a small road here. It has been developed as a Biodiversity Park. Saplings have been planted here using Miyawaki technique.

Agra – 24 hours water supply

Agra Smart City Company has used the Central Command and Control System well. Using technology, animals roaming on the roads and manholes are being monitored. Water is being supplied 24 hours a day in Area Based Development (ABD).

Hubli – drain converted into ground

In Hubli, a 5 km drain has been completely dried and converted into ground. A cycle track has also been prepared here. Its special thing is that this 5 kilometer cycle track is taking half the time as compared to other routes.

What is smart city?

Smart cities provide technology to provide services to citizens. These include health care, governance, transportation, security, employment opportunities and infrastructure. That means improving the quality of life through technology.

Five thousand cities have to be made smart

The mission was launched in the year 2015. PM launched it in June 2016. Gradually it has to be taken to 5 thousand cities.

– Kunal Kumar, Joint Secretary, Smart City Mission

Will show our experiments to the country

It is a matter of great pride for us to host this event. We will be able to show our work to all the cities of the country.

– Harshika Singh, Municipal Commissioner

Smart road means one where there is no frequent digging.

Gujarat International Financial Tech City (GIFT) between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar can be considered as the beginning of the concept of Smart City Mission. Urban population is increasing rapidly but there are many gaps in sewerage, water supply etc., whereas every year the government is spending Rs 4 lakh crore on solid waste, development, infrastructure. Keeping this in mind this project was brought. I think this work should be expedited. Smart road means one where there is no frequent digging. Good work has been done on smart roads in Surat and Pune. Good work has been done regarding pedestrians in Lal Chowk, Srinagar.

Bhaskar Expert
Shashwat Bandopadhyay, Urban Planner Ahmedabad