Smart City shops rent higher; Commission to councillors; | Smart City shops rent higher; Commission to councillors; IG News

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“Shops that have been built after spending crores of rupees, remain locked for seven months…”, Annachi bit the hot medu vada.

Anwarbai asked, “Which town do you go to?”

“There is a new bus stand in Velwar… In the ‘Smart City’ project, 53 crore rupees have been spent for its expansion… Last year, Chief Minister Stalin inaugurated it in the month of June…

“At the bus stand, 83 shops have been built… Out of this, it has been decided to rent only 68 shops… Rs. 20 lakh per shop, ‘advance’ rent, Rs. 50,000… Apart from this, Rs. 5 lakh should be deducted for the councillors. …

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“Because the rent is high, no one is coming to take the shop… Now, they are not going to rent all the shops to a big company… That’s why the rent has been increased from the beginning so that the people can’t take it, the traders are blaming…” he said. Annachi

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