Smoke came out from the bogie of Prayagraj Express. Passengers stopped the train by pulling the chain; Smoke was coming out due to brake-shoe jam IG News

VidishaOne hour ago

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There was a stir when smoke emanated from a bogie of Prayagraj Express (14115) going from Vidisha to Bina. Due to the fear of fire, there was a stampede among the passengers.

In fact, the Prayagraj Express going from Vidisha to Bina crossed Gulabganj station in the evening. After walking one and a half kilometer ahead, smoke started coming out from one of the bogies of the train. This created a stir. The passengers traveling got scared due to the apprehension of fire and there was a hue and cry in the bogie. After this, the passengers stopped the train by pulling the chain. As soon as it stopped, the passengers vacated the bogie and stood at a distance.

The loco-pilot and staff of the train reached the spot. Saw that the wheels of the bogie were jammed. Due to which smoke started coming out of the wheels. Due to this incident, the train stood still for about 15 to 20 minutes. The train was dispatched after removing the technical fault in the wheels.

At the same time, railway sources said that smoke was coming out of the wheels due to jamming of the brake-shoe of the bogie of the train. The train was stopped near Santapur Gate and the brake-shoe was changed and the train was dispatched.