Snake Attack: The same snake bit the same person 8 times in 15 days, the family was disturbed Agra man bitten by the same snake 8 times in last 15 days IG News

Agra Snake Attack: A youth of Agra has been bitten by a snake 8 times in the last 15 days, this is the complaint. After biting, the snake suddenly disappears.

Rajat Chahar was bitten by the same snake 8 times in 15 days

Lucknow: Snake experts say that a snake strikes only when it senses danger. Amni Amni does not bite anyone. But, the snake attacking someone in a very targeted manner, does not seem to have been heard before anywhere in the world. However, such a wonderful incident is happening in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A 20-year-old youth was targeted by a certain snake. Such is the claim that there is a snake lying behind Rajat Chahar of the young man and his family. They allege that the snake has bitten the young man at least 8 times in the last 15 days!

The unfortunate young man’s name is Rajat Chahar. Rajat and his family claim that the snake attacked him when he was sleeping at night. And after biting Rajat, the snake suddenly hides somewhere. He can no longer be seen. The incident began earlier this month, on September 6. is lost One night Rajat was sleeping. At that time the snake bit his leg. In his sleep, Rajat felt as if he had been given an electric shock. He got up crying.

Hearing the noise, the family members rushed to his house. They saw blood coming out of Rajat’s leg. But by then the snake was no longer there. Rajat’s family immediately called the village doctor for treatment. Rajat’s life was saved by receiving immediate treatment. But, the whole family is now suffering from a strange fear. Because every 2-3 days after September 6, the snake came into the house while sleeping at night and bit him and ran away. Rajat’s body bore many marks of snakebite.

Every time Rajat woke up screaming. Called family members. Each time the relatives called the doctor and got treatment. These snakebites have become so normal in the Chahar family that they are prepared every night. And to talk about silver, the night’s sleep has flown away. In this situation, the family members resorted to a tantrik to save Rajat from the hands of the snake. Can Tantric prevent this strange attack of the snake? That’s what to see now.


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