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Nidhi Dave, Vadodara: Western Railway has canceled Pratapnagar-Ektanagar-Pratapnagar MEMU trains from 25th November to 30th November 2022. PRO of Vadodara Division. Pradeep Sharma said that the whole block is being taken up for rehabilitation of Chandod – Ektanagar beach track, due to which the following trains have been canceled from 25th November to 30th November 2022.

Due to the cancellation of trains, the passengers will not face any problem in the future, so the Western Railway Vadodara Division has released the train number today. So that it will be easy for the passengers traveling on 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th to get the information.

Important news for you if you have to travel by train from 25th to 30th November

Departing from Vadodara

Pratapnagar-Ektanagar-Pratapnagar MEMU trains cancelled

– Train No. 09108 – Ektanagar – Pratapnagar Memo

– Train No. 09109 – Pratapnagar – Ektanagar Memo

from your city (Vadodara)

– Train No. 09110 – Ektanagar – Pratapnagar Memo

– Train No. 09113 – Pratapnagar – Ektanagar Memo

Vadodara-Jamnagar-Intercity Express canceled on November 27

Vadodara – Jamnagar – Intercity Express has been canceled for traffic work order (TWO) work in connection with providing connectivity between Ahmedabad-Viramgam rail section of Western Railway to Sanand and Gora Ghuma stations (DFCCIL).

Canceled Trains-

– Train No. 22959 Vadodara-Jamnagar Intercity Express on 27 November

– Train No. 22960 Jamnagar-Vadodara Intercity Express on 28 November

Travelers should keep in mind the canceled trains during the journey so as not to get stuck. Passengers please for detailed information about stoppage and timing of trains can visit.

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