So was the plan to arrest Amritpal leaked? Many sharp questions arose on the police! IG News

S. Singh, Chandigarh: It has been 9 days since Waris Punjab De president Amritpal Singh went on the run. Meanwhile, another incident has come to light. On March 18, when the police force made a plan to arrest Amritpal. Then Amritpal’s convoy with five SUVs suddenly changed its route from Harike bridge to Goindwal. While on the other side of the bridge, police officers were in plain uniform and were waiting for him in private vehicles. It is being speculated that someone from the Punjab Police Force itself, perhaps a pro-Khalistan activist and his team, allegedly leaked the notification. Otherwise Amritpal would have been caught on the same day.

According to a report in ‘The Tribune’, the police were following Amritpal and Papalpreet’s Brezza car in the caravan near Mahatpur. Then the Mercedes driven by her uncle Harjeet Singh allegedly swerved towards Gurdwara Bulandpuri. About 200 meters away from this Gurudwara, Harjit surrendered in front of the media on March 20 at around 1 am.

Near this Gurudwara, Amritpal fixed the tire puncture of the motorcycle with Papalpreet. While the paramilitary force and the police had set up tight security in the entire area. The cabman who gave the two a lift was a resident of Udhowal village opposite the Gurdwara. The report said that so far no senior official has been able to give a concrete answer to this. Speculations are being made as to why the police did not interrogate Harjeet even for a single day. When he was an important link in this case. He was arrested by the Amritsar police at 1 am on March 20 and was taken to Dibrugarh within five hours.

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