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A new social network targeted at adults age 50 and older is popping up in Northeast Ontario.

Charlene Nadalin, who grew up in Sudbury, created Amintro to help her mother expand her social circle.

“I was just noticing that my mom’s social circle was getting smaller as the years went on,” she said. “My mom was unfortunately widowed in her mid-50s.”

As her mother got older, Nadalin said she would hear the same stories from her because there wasn’t much new happening in her life.

“And that was dangerous for me,” she said.

So Nadalin turned to technology to combat loneliness in older adults.

She said that Amintro differs from social networks like Facebook because it helps users connect with new people in their community.

When someone signs up with a social network, they set their location and can then choose a radius from that point on. The network will only connect them with people in that circle.

As you get older and you retire, you don’t go out as much. And I think fear is a big part of it. You know, the big unknown.–Helen-Anne Billodo, advisor to Amnitro Extension

“Our aim is really to support our seniors and age well and be healthy and prosperous and enjoying life,” Nadalin said.

The website also has a blog with articles on gardening, travel, health and many other issues and interests for people aged 50 and above.

But Nadalin said Amintro does not yet have a presence in northeastern Ontario.

extension to the north east

To expand in the region, the federal government’s New Horizons for Seniors program provided $25,000 to Amintro to create a Northeast Ontario advisory committee to help expand the region, and also to cater to French speakers. did.

Helen-Anne Billodo of Iron Bridge, Ont. joined that committee.

Billodo said she knows someone who uses the social network and was asked to join the advisory committee for Northeast Ontario.

“I know when you put the heads together, a lot of suggestions will come up,” she said. “So that’s great. Really making life easier for older adults in this area.”

Bilodo said, for example, that she would like to see more information about Amintro that could educate older adults about the various scams she said are a big issue.

She said that more travel advice, even if it is to help people travel in their area, would also be welcome.

Billodo said, “As you get older and you retire, you just don’t get out as much. And I think fear is a big part of that. You know, the big unknown.”

“And I think if we keep the lines of communication open and share, I think that’s a big deal.”


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