Solapur: Unfortunate death of 12 Kalvits after falling from the flyover on the highway IG News

Solapur; Leading News Service: A shocking case has come to light that 12 blackbucks died after falling from the flyover at Degaon-Deshmukh Vasati on the Bijapur Bypass Road. Preliminary information is that three of these blackbucks were injured. After getting the information about this incident, the forest department and the police team have reached the spot.

In the last two years, many incidents of wildlife deaths in road accidents have come to light. Civets, snakes, antelopes, wolves, foxes and other birds etc. Incidents of wildlife being crushed to death by cars are on the rise. As the highway widens both ways, the speed of cars increases and the amount of roadkill is increasing. Last year, two blackbucks died after falling from the bridge while crossing the road on the Solapur-Bijapur bypass highway near the same Deshmukh settlement. Even now this incident has happened at this place. As this is the third consecutive unfortunate incident in the last two years, environmentalists are expressing their grief.

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