Something else is going on in many places in the state under the guise of illegal firecracker factories? IG News

street reporter
Kolkata : The incident of explosion in the firecracker factory in Agra has raised many questions. Politics has also heated up due to this incident. There are allegations that bombs were prepared here under the guise of a firecracker factory. The BJP has demanded an NIA inquiry on this message. The CM has not objected to the NIA probe. The CID investigation has started there. At the same time, questions are also being raised whether something else is still going on in many places in the state under the guise of illegal firecracker factories. However, this is a matter of investigation. The big question that is arising is whether only crackers were prepared there or something else? However, the forensic team, CID team has started the investigation. On the other hand, the incident of this explosion before the Panchayat elections has increased the concern.
Sometimes illegal factories and weapons were found
Last March, an illegal arms factory was found in Hatpukuria area of ​​Canning in South 24 Parganas. A resident of Baluizhaka village was arrested with a huge cache of weapons on charges of running an arms factory. According to sources, this factory was running under the nose of the police for a long time. Earlier, traces of an illegal arms factory were found at Kultali in the same district. The police of Baruipur police station arrested the factory owner Mohiuddin Sardar with several weapons from his kutcha house on the banks of the Sunderbans river. Similarly, an illegal factory was found in a litchi garden in Vaishnavnagar village of Maldah. Equipment for making weapons was also found from under the ground in Karnichandpur Patautauli village of Kaliach in the same district.
Police runs raid campaign
Police conduct raid operations in various areas including Howrah district near Kolkata. Weapons are also recovered from many places and arrests are also made. Within a few days, a large number of weapons were recovered in police action from Maldah to South 24 Parganas, Nadia, Howrah, Burdwan. Following the incident at Bogtui in Birbhum, the Chief Minister had ordered that all illegal arms and bombs in the state be immediately searched and seized. Despite this, incidents like Agra have raised many questions.
A former police officer says that Munger was once known for illegal weapons. Now situation like Munger is arising in Bengal also. Especially this incident of recovery of weapons before the Panchayat elections is quite worrying.