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The accused lied that three to four people had killed the mother with the intention of robbery

Mumbai: After strangling the mother who objected to his alleged affair with her cousin, the son falsely alleged that three to four men had committed the crime with the intention of robbery. In this incident which took place in Bhiwandi, the police arrested two people including the deceased’s son within 12 hours after a thorough investigation.
The two accused arrested by the Narpoli police were identified as Krishna Yadav (29) and Babita Yadav (30). Accused Krishna, with the help of his cousin Babita, allegedly killed mother Amravati Yadav (58) with a belt in the bedroom of the flat around 2 am on Monday and later kept her dead body in the hall.
After carrying out the incident, the accused called the police control room and informed about the incident. The police reached the spot after being informed about the incident. Police inspected the scene and found the accused’s statement suspicious. Also, Krishna and Babita were the only two witnesses to the incident.
The lie of the accused was caught by the team of Senior Inspector Madan Ballal and Inspector (Crime) Sambhaji Jadhav of Narpoli Police Station in this case. The accused said that two to three people entered the house and tried to commit robbery. Mother Amaravati was killed when she resisted the robbers. When the police interrogated the neighbors, they came to know about the love affair between Krishna and Babita and the dispute going on in the house over it. Finally, after the police interrogated both of them, the police claimed that they had confessed to the crime.

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