Sona Zaruri Hai: Happy World Sleep Day! IG News

All of our lifestyles have changed drastically, and the impact is being seen on our health as well. Even after globalization, sleep has become the most important issue in health related matters. With increasing corporatization, people are spending most of their time traveling and working, and the slipping cycle has been disturbed due to stress. Now you may wonder why sleep is being talked about all of a sudden today? Right? So you will get the answer to your question in the next paragraph…
Today we are celebrating World Sleep Day and the aim behind celebrating this day is to make people aware about sleep and related issues. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of their slipping cycle. Inadequate sleep, insomnia, mental stress, tension, illness, work pressure and relationships are causing people’s health to deteriorate.
Taking care of our health should be a priority for all of us. Increasing irritability and restlessness during the day is a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. Eye strain, headaches, and a bad day are also signs of insufficient sleep. If you are also experiencing such symptoms, do not ignore it, it is very important for you to sleep on time and no matter how busy you are, making your sleeping time table is very important.
Now another question is that how many hours of sleep is best. The problem of insomnia is increasing among the youth, so it is very important for them to make a sleeping time table for themselves. The effect of changing lifestyle means that eating and drinking habits have also changed a lot. All these directly affect sleep. Due to screen addiction, even young children are complaining of insomnia.
Talking about a strange fact about sleep, 15 percent of people walk in their sleep and five percent have the habit of talking to themselves in their sleep. Nowadays there are many people who have even broken the Guinness Book of World Records. Many people slept the longest and many people stayed awake the longest. Another important thing is that even when a person is very happy or happy, he does not sleep.