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A letter written by readers to Dinamalar Daily about the happenings of the world, the country and Tamil Nadu:…

‘E-mail’ letter from S. Neelakandan, Nellai:

The Tamil Nadu Assembly has passed a unanimous resolution urging the central government to implement the Setu Samudra project immediately. The Setu Samudra Project, which was started during Prime Minister Vajpayee’s tenure, was put on hold due to various issues; For the DMK, this is a dream project. But for the people of Tamil Nadu, this is not a dream project… because there is no history of anyone else dreaming about this project except Kazhagam Kanmanis.

Meanwhile, the Athikadavu-Avinasi project, which will benefit the people in many ways, is a project to enrich the drought-prone areas of Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode districts. When this project is completed, the drinking water needs of 5 lakh people living in these areas will be fulfilled; Also, groundwater level will rise in 1.30 lakh acres of agricultural lands.

Athikkadavu — In 1888, Marappa Counter, a former assembly member of the region, made a request to the Tamil Nadu government to implement the Avinasi project. However, the scheme has been pending, not for a couple of years…62 years.

Even recently, Duraimurugan, who is the Tamil Nadu Water Resources Minister, told the assembly that 97 percent of the Athikadavu-Avinasi project has been completed. The remaining 3 percent scheme is being kept pending during the 2020 Legislative Assembly elections to promise ‘if we come to power…’.

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For 62 years, the two corporations have been fighting each other without completing the Athikadavu-Avinasi project, which will benefit the people. At the same time, the Corporation Government passed a resolution showing its intention to restart the Sethu Samudra Project, which was not beneficial to the people. Also, when the Setu Samudra Project issue is under Supreme Court, is a resolution necessary?

From this we can know the motive of the corporation rulers. If the central government comes forward to implement the Setu Samudra project, it will be a source of money for the corporation rulers; As a result, many thousands of crores will be accumulated. That is why, the urgency, the resolution in the assembly. It is said that ‘Shojiyan Kutumi does not dance for nothing’; This is the story!

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