Special package instead of special status for AP.. Centre’s answer to questions of YCP MPs IG News

New Delhi, Andhraprabha: The central government has made it clear that a special package has been announced for the state of Andhra Pradesh instead of special status. Union Minister of State for Home Nithyananda Roy answered the questions asked by YCP MPs Lau Srikrishna Devaraya and Balashauri in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. It was revealed that this decision was taken based on the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission. He said that the 14th Finance Commission has allocated funds to compensate for the financial deficit.

With this, there is no difference between special states and other states, he said. Nithyanandarai revealed that funds of Rs.15.81 crore have been released under the special package. The Union Minister stated that interest has been paid on the loans taken for EAP schemes from 2015 to 2018.