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Prabha News Bureau, Joint Medak: Summer is just heating up. Hot winds are suffocating. People are shivering in the heat of the sun. After 10 in the morning, the heat is getting annoying. People are worried about what it will be like in the beginning of summer. Doctors advise to take special precautions as the sun is scorching. Fresh water is said to be divine medicine especially in summer. With the heat of the sun, the body loses more water in the form of sweat. So it is enough to follow some tips to get relief from sun without getting sunburn.

Rising temperature…
From the beginning of summer, Bhanu is burning brightly. The temperature is increasing day by day. Day temperatures are already gradually increasing. Children and old people are unable to bear the heat of the sun. But to blast the summer heat and get relief, doctors suggest taking proper precautions. Otherwise, they warn that problems like headache, inflammation and dehydration will occur.

Heat protection mantra
In order to protect from the heat of the sun, it is important to ensure that the home environment is cool. It is good to drink at least four liters of water a day. Rather than wearing tight clothes, it is better to choose loose clothes. Food should be taken with enough salt, water and nutritional value. Many people suffer from dehydration especially during summer. To get rid of it.. you have to drink more fresh water. Drinking lemon juice and buttermilk is better. It is also good to drink fruit juice and coconut water. If you have to go out in the sun, don’t forget to cover your face and head with a cloth. Also, it is better to carry an umbrella and wear spectacles that cool the eyes.

Sunburn.. just be careful…
Sunburn is very dangerous in summer. Due to the significant increase in body temperature during summer, there is a possibility of sunburn. You can avoid sunburn by taking small precautions. Be sure to carry a water bottle with you while going out. Drink water regularly. It is better to stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine during summer. Because they have a chance of increasing body temperature. If you spend too much time in the sun, there is a chance of sunburn. Symptoms like vomiting, fatigue, headache and dizziness appear. It is best to consult the doctors immediately. It is better for people suffering from heart related, lung diseases and kidney problems not to spend much time in the sun.

Be careful with children and the elderly
Everyone should be careful during the summer season. It is better to take some more care in the case of small children. It is better for newborn babies and babies of breastfeeding age to give breast milk regularly. If the temperature in the weather increases, the body temperature of the child will also increase. But controlling it is very weak in the child’s brain. That is why children are more likely to get sunburn. By playing in the sun, water is lost in the form of sweat. As a result, the body loses the necessary salts and becomes lethargic. That is why it is best for them to drink as much water as possible. As they fall into the game, there is not much focus on the water. But, it is better if adults find them and drink water in between. Be especially careful with children under the age of six. If their body temperature increases, the chances of fits are high. A lot of care should be taken in the case of elderly people too. They get tired quickly from the heat of the sun. In some cases, they lose their lives due to heat exhaustion. It is better to consult a doctor and take other suggestions along with diet.

Skin care is like this..!
In summer, the skin is exposed to the heat of the sun. There is a risk of wrinkles on the skin due to the ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun. It damages the beauty of the skin. With a few tips, you can keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Do not wash too often with soap when the skin is very dry. But if you wash your face with cold water as many times as possible, it will stay fresh. But above all drinking too much water does not damage the skin. It is better to eat fruits that are rich in nutrients. Green vegetables like keeradosa, beetroot, carrot can also be taken. Coconut oil and buttermilk also help in maintaining the beauty of the skin. In summer, the face usually gets oily. But don’t wash your face as soon as you get home from being in the sun. After a while, wash it two or three times with cold water and it will look fresh. But don’t use scrubbers. It makes the skin more dry. After all, it is in your hands to turn the heat of this summer into cool. But plan your work well in the morning and evening maximum. Better to stay at home as much as possible in the afternoon.


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