Sreelekha Mitra: Today’s actresses don’t feel Maa Durga by looking at their faces, they don’t feel devotion from within: Sreelekha Mitra | Actress Sreelekha Mitra takes a toll on the mahalaya episodes in television this time and here is what the actress has to say IG News

Mahalaya on Channels: After watching the Mahalaya program on the television screen this year, Nana Muni has started expressing various opinions on social media.

Srilekha Mitra

Last Sunday (25.09.2022) was Mahalaya. After listening to Mahishasuramardini on the radio, Mahalaya programs started on different channels. Popular heroines of serials and movies wore Durga. Some of the actors are seen as Shiva, other gods and goddesses and asuras. After watching Mahalaya’s show on the television screen, Nana Muni started expressing various opinions on social media. Most comments are against it though. Comparisons have also started with Doordarshan’s Mahalaya show. Actress Srilekha Mitra questions ‘simplicity’. In a long post Srilekha wrote,

Srilekha Mitra’s post:

“Designer sari jewelry is not needed when Maa Durga is dressed up. ‘Flaws’ cannot be filled with special effects. Chanel and the rest will understand when? Our childhood mother Durga was dressed up by Aktishta Banerjee, on Doordarshan. Obeyed him. Because his face was like a mother’s. You don’t have that, it’s not your fault, it’s the system’s… political and power. Please don’t think again, I am saying with envy that you have never seen me as Maa Durga. And I don’t care what I say. You say? Simplicity always reigns. This is the fate of my 14 men.”

Srilekha told TV9 Bangla, “It reminds me of my childhood. It seems to be the talk of television in our time. In those days there was no grandeur like it is now. Everything was very ordinary. So Mahalaya was also common on TV screens. Many tools are used now. But the beauty of the heart is missing. The fact that the sight of mother’s face would arouse devotion from the heart has been lost. There is no simplicity at all. For whom everyone is mocking. In fact, after losing my own mother, I look for my own mother in Maa Durga.”

Mahalaya is celebrated on October 25 this year. At 4 in the morning, like always, the heavenly Chandipath of the son of Kayest, Virendrakrishna Bhadra, appeared on the radio. Durga Puja starts from October 1. Sixth on that day. The inauguration of Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata and its adjoining areas has already started before Mahalaya. Kolkata and the whole of Bengal are dressed up in autumn. This year’s extra joy – Durga Puja of Kolkata has got the title of Heritage.

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