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Here’s the latest on the World Cup, the Emergency Act probe and the Sammy Yatim inquiry

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Canada lost 1–0 to Belgium in their first World Cup game since 1986.

After waiting 36 years to return to the world’s biggest soccer competition, Canada played a fearless and delightful game against Belgium on Wednesday, according to star contributor Joe Callaghan. The Canadian men lost, but the stats reflected their tenacity: the team took 14 shots in just one half without a goal – the most in a World Cup half since 2006 – and made 21 total shot attempts (three on target). Just nine (three off target) from Belgium. Here’s a closer look at how the match went down and how the fans reacted.

Canada’s justice minister declined to reveal the key legal advice behind the decision to use the Emergencies Act

In the final days of an investigation into the federal government’s use of the Emergency Act to break up Ottawa’s occupation last winter, Justice Minister David Lamati is leaving out a key part of the government’s argument for secrecy, Alex Ballingall and Tonda McCharles report. He declined to reveal the legal advice he had received to the government, reiterating that legal opinion is protected by solicitor-client privilege. Here’s what we know about the conversations leading up to the decision, thanks to newly revealed text messages.

  • More: Texts revealed on Wednesday indicate that Lamety discussed the possibility of sending in the military to help resolve the situation using the Emergency Situations Act during the first weekend of the occupation. Lammetti explained the exchange as a “joke” between friends.

Sammy Yatim’s probe derailed by convicting officer’s 11th-hour “outrageous” offer

A long-awaited coroner’s inquest into the high-profile death of teen Sammy Yetim on a Toronto streetcar nearly a decade ago was scheduled to begin last week, but the process has been delayed by the then-cop who shot him. Documents made public Wednesday show former police officer James Forciello wants to present evidence that Yatim “incited a deadly police response,” or what is being called “suicide by police” — at a special hearing lawyers said. Called “outrageous” and “outrageous” distasteful.” Wendy Gillis reports details of the proposal and the rare show of unity in which parties to the inquiry condemned the move.

  • Reference: A coroner’s inquest is a non-criminal hearing held to determine the details of someone’s death and to make recommendations aimed at preventing further deaths.
  • Message from Orphan’s father: In a statement read by the attorney representing Yetim’s family, Bill Yetim said Forcillo’s efforts “were an attempt to dishonor Sammy’s memory (which) only made my pain worse.”
  • Watch for: Coroners’ inquests have a “scope” set by the coroner. In this case, the coroner has stated that the most useful focus of the inquest would be on “police officer decision making”.

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Mayor John Tory's third term opened on Wednesday with some new faces.

If John Tory has all the power as a “strong mayor,” it hardly matters what his intentions are.

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A young Canadian supporter waits for the start of the World Cup Group F football match between Belgium and Canada at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Queue: A young fan waits for the start of the World Cup Group F football match between Belgium and Canada at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Doha on Wednesday.

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